Healthy Heart soups – A food revolution

Groundbreaking soups actively improve health

Will’s Healthy Heart soups range has revolutionised convenience foods, changing the lives of those using our products.

The new range of soups have proven health benefits – actively reducing cholesterol while providing a balanced and nutritious meal, which just happens to be delicious too!

Good, honest food for people who care about their health

About Will’s

From humble beginnings in the north of England came Will’s. Once a small merry band of ten employees with a passion for food, Will’s has grown to become the leading producer of good quality, great value foods to a global market.

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Healthy Heart soups are here!

Our range of health-conscious soups have arrived to wide acclaim. Conceived by our award winning Communications team and developed by our chefs and food technicians, Healthy Heart soup[s are the first convenience food to actually improve your health and wellbeing! The range consists of four flavours (more are being developed right now), Beef, Chicken, Vegetable…


Will’s Healthy Heart products break new ground in sales

Since their launch earlier this year, our Healthy Heart products have been taken to the hearts of our customers. So much so, in fact, that the product range have smashed all sales records! Success is due to the groundbreaking properties of the soups, which have been clinically proven to improve the health of our customers.…


Will’s Food Tips: Preparing Charcuterie and Cheese at Home

I love weeknight date-nights in. So cozy and romantic. You get to pick the music, or maybe a movie, light some candles and just chill with your boo or friends. My favorite way to do an easy night in is, charcuterie and cheese, of course. Mike and I first discovered our love for charcuterie together.…